Golden Hour

Shirt Polo Ralph Lauren | Skirt J. Crew Factory | Belt sold out (similar
Shoes Jack Rogers | Bracelet David Yurman

Last night, I wanted to take outfit photos on the beach so we headed to Tybee Island at golden hour. The traffic was horrendous, but the sunset was amazing! The wind was blowing at 30mph when we were taking these (the pics that didn't make this post are hilarious because of the wind and my hair going in all directions). Of course, my dad wanted to be in the last photo so I let him! 

I hope everyone has been having a lovely Memorial Day weekend!


  1. So classy! You look like you just walked out of a polo shoot :)sending some love from the tropics!

  2. Ahh your pictures and outfits are always absolutely perfect! I'm adoring this look and the photos turned out amazing!

    Xo, Kate // A Sprinkle of Kate

  3. Such a random comment, but I LOVE that your dad is wearing a Seaside sweatshirt! I lived there in elementary school! Love it. xx


    1. It's the best! We go several times a year. It's such a lovely place.

  4. That skirt is gorgeous! Definitely makes me jealous that you're on the beach right now!

    Erin /

  5. Such a timeless outfit, loving your skirt! ((And the background... gorgeous!!!))

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