A Quick Chat With Emma from Dash Of Serendipity

I couldn't shoot an outfit post for today (my mom is out of town and she takes my photos), so I decided to do a mini interview with Emma from the blog Dash of Serendipity. I've been an avid reader of her blog for the past year, and she was one of the first tumblr users I followed. She has the cutest style and is super, super talented! I seriously cannot get enough of Emma/her blog.

Photo via Dash of Serendipity (this is one of my favorite outfit posts of Emma's)

What's the best book you've ever read?
Hands down the best book I ever read is Left to Tell by Imaculee Ilibagazia.  It's a true story about one girl's experience during the Rwanda Genocide.  It's really amazing to read her story and learn so much about a catastrophe that I really didn't know too much about prior to reading the book.  I've now read it three or four times! 

What's one thing that can always cheer you up on a bad day? 
Definitely playing my guitar! A lot of people don't know that I've been playing guitar for awhile and that I sing too! 

What is your favorite store to shop at?
Club Monaco! It's so dangerous for me to step inside because I love everything and find that things fit me well, but everything is so expensive! 

What is your all time favorite quote and why?
"Live life to express, not to impress" has been one of my favorites recently. It's a great phrase to live by, and I think it's important to be reminded that you should live for yourself and not for others. 

What inspired you to start your blog?
I'm not too sure really! I started my tumblr at the end of my eighth grade year (feels like forever ago now). I started it just for fun but about two years ago I decided to create my blogspot so that I could explore my interests in writing longer posts!

What is another passion of yours besides blogging?
I said this in a previous question, but I really love playing guitar! It's such a great hobby to have because it's creative and relaxing.  

What is one thing you want your readers to know about you that they don’t already know?
Hm.. this is a tough one! I feel like my readers know so much about me, when in reality they don't! 

What is the best meal you’ve ever had?
One of my favorite meals has been from a slider truck in Dallas, TX called Easy Slider.  The French Revolution is absolutely amazing–– Gruyere cheese, prosciutto and grilled onions on top of a great slider! 

What’s the prettiest place you’ve ever traveled to?
Iceland definitely! Last May I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the country with school and it was one of the greatest experiences.  I don't think I would've ever gone normally and I think this was the best way to see the amazingly beautiful country.  Iceland is really something else, so if you ever have the opportunity to go, I'd highly recommend it! 

Do you think you’ve changed over the past year as you’ve gone through freshman year of college?
I think so.  I feel like I've gotten a lot more independent, even though I was already fairly independent before leaving for school.  I'm definitely more comfortable doing things on my own now, and I think I've gotten more confident in myself.  

Do you think that your style has evolved in the past 2 semesters?
My style has definitely evolved.  I went to a private high school where almost everyone dressed in very preppy outfits, and while my college is known for being fairly preppy it's nothing like the high school I went to.  I'm happy about this, but I've definitely seen my style lose a little of the preppy influences.  I've started incorporating more trendy pieces to my wardrobe (I even purchased a pair of ripped jeans the other day!).  A few years ago, I would've never thought I'd be wearing some of these things.

Photo via @dashofserendipity on instagram

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Also, you can see the post on Dash of Serendipity where Emma interviewed me awhile back here! I hope that all of y'all are having a lovely Tuesday:)


  1. Thanks so much for asking me to do this! I had so much fun answering your questions!
    Emma | www.dashofserendipity.com

  2. I love both of your blogs! It's great seeing bloggers colaborate!

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