DIY Tassel Bracelets

I've seen tassel bracelets on instagram, etsy, and tumblr lately and I really wanted some. The problem was, I didn't want to pay $20 for a bracelet I could make myself! After doing a little research and hitting up the local Michael's craft store with my friends, I was ready to do some afternoon crafting. I have decided to share how to make them with y'all! I got totally carried away when making them––
 I ended up with too many, which means I'm giving one away on my instagram (@yepitsprepblog). Head on over to see details!

First, I'm going to explain how to tie a tassel. Obviously, this step is important because they are tassel bracelets. For the tassel, you will need:

Embroidery thread, a credit card, scissors, 5mm Jump rings

Step one: Choose the color embroidery thread you want. Cut two 12" pieces of it and lay them to the side for later use.

Step two: Find a credit card or a gift card! This is what you'll be wrapping the rest of the thread around. The bigger the card, the longer the tassel will be.

Step three: Begin wrapping the thread around the card. Do this relatively tightly and keep the string close together.

Step four: Continue doing this until you've used the remainder of your embroidery thread!

Step five: Cut the thread along one edge of the card.

Step six: Carefully slide the thread off of the card, making sure that all of the threads stay together.

Step seven: Unfold the threads and lay them flat. Take one of the 12" pieces you set aside earlier and put a jump ring on the center of it.

Step eight: Wrap the 12" strand with the jump ring attached around the center of your threads tightly, keeping the jump ring in the center.

Step nine: Tie the ends together after you're done wrapping them.

Step ten: Fold your tassel in half, jump ring facing up. Use the other 12" piece of string to wrap around the top of the tassel tightly, and then knot and trim the excess thread.

Step eleven: Trim the ends of your tassel so it looks uniformed and even.

Step twelve: Admire your pretty tassel.

The second part of this is making the bracelet. For this, you will need:

5-7mm elastic jewelry cord, beads of your choice, crimp beads, pliers, super glue, scissors

String your beads onto a piece of stretchy cord that is about a foot long. I used 18 beads, but my wrists are small so you might want to use more.

After you're done beading, string both sides of the elastic through crimp beads, and position the tassel between the 2 crimp beads. Pull tight.

Using the crimp bead pliers, clamp down on the crimp beads to secure them. Make sure that the elastic is being pulled tightly while you're doing this. It is easier if you have someone else pull the elastic while you crimp the beads.

Trim the excess elastic off and you're done! If you want, dab some superglue on the crimp beads for added security. I'd recommend doing that so they're more durable! Enjoy your brand new tassel bracelet that you made on your own. Wasn't that super easy and fun? You'll get addicted, I swear. I made like twenty of them, no lie. If you end up making these, tag me on instagram so I can see your creations! :)


  1. These are so cute, I definitely plan on making some! Also I've been loving all your Bootights looks! :)

  2. These are way cute! I JUST bought a tassel necklace last week, but now I know they're crazy easy to make! I'm going to have to try this!

  3. These are so adorable! It's about 12:45am right now, so I can't make them now but tomorrow I'll definitely be making these!

    Running Alyssa

  4. Just found this! Doing these tomorrow! Can't wait.

    Morgan |

  5. I just discovered your blog earlier today and found your adorable DIY!! I can't wait to make these as a part of my friend's birthday present.

    Nicole |

  6. Hi I'm interested in making these myself! What size beads did you get?

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