My Favorite Past Travels (Part 5/7)

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how much I loved Spain. It was #4 on my list of the top seven countries/places I've been. This week, I'm sharing my trip to Switzerland with y'all! It's number three on my list!

#3: Switzerland

Where I went
: We traveled to Engelberg (a very small yet adorable town) and Zurich!

Who I went with: my mother, father and brother

When we went: summer of 2012

What we did: In Engelberg, we stayed in the cutest inn and explored the town. We also went to the top of the mountain and climbed through a natural ice cave. In Zurich, we ate delicious food, shopped, and roamed the streets.

Why it is #5 on my list: Switzerland was gorgeous. It was different than any other country I've been to–– it was so clean! Even the gas stations looked like some utopian germ free experiment from the future. The river running through Zurich was so clean that you could see to the bottom. The countryside was lush and beautiful. Everything was perfect.

The sign outside of the inn in Engelberg

Our view from the inn window in Engelberg

The ice cave–– it was freezing!

At dinner in Engelberg

Standing next to the river in Zurich–– I can't believe this was three years ago! I look like such a baby!
With my brother in Zurich

Swiss flags lining the alleys in Zurich

Stay tuned to see my #2 favorite place in the world! If you've ever been to Switzerland, what was your favorite thing about it?

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  1. So glad you like the country I live in :D I really love your blog and your style. You are amazing ;D

  2. Switzerland is so beautiful! All the alps and the landscape are just breathtaking! I am so jealous of your travels.
    Mikayla |