Friday Favorites

It's Friday, finally! This week was long for me since I had to get back into my school routine after returning from spring break. Our spring break was super early (seriously, who on earth decided that ours should start on February 28th? That's WINTER). Readjusting to school wasn't easy, especially since most of y'all are on your spring breaks and posting fun pictures on instagram! I'm a little jealous, I must admit. Even though it wasn't fun to return from break, it was still a good week overall. The weather here has been amazing. I'm not complaining about it being 80 degrees everyday. In fact, it's absolutely heavenly. Besides the weather, here are some of my favorites that made my week more enjoyable!

My interview with Emma
Emma, the blogger behind Dash of Serendipity, decided to interview me for her second "A Coffee Date With..." post. Although the interview was conducted over email, it was still a blast to do! I've loved Emma's blog for quite awhile. She's so talented! You can read the interview here.

The "Grandma loves ping-pong" Vine
I'm such a bad person for laughing at this, but it's so darn funny. It's like a train wreck. It's horrible, but you cannot stop watching it. This poor little grandma falls pretty hard while watching ping pong... you just have to watch the vine. Side note: I really, really hope she's okay. Maybe she'll feel better if someone tells her she's Vine famous.

I just signed up for Rocksbox and I love it! Basically, you take style survey and then a Rocksbox stylist picks out three pieces of jewelry to send you on loan. If you like something, you can buy it (and you get a 20% discount). If not, you send the pieces back and then they'll send you more jewelry. It's so much fun! Not only is the whole concept awesome, but it's also great that includes brands such as Kendra Scott and Loren Hope. Rocksbox is only $19 a month, but you can get a month free if you use the code "isabellabff14" when signing up!

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