Denim on Denim

Another cold front came through last night, making today pretty chilly! I'm usually not a fan of cold, but it's not bothering me today because I got to wear my new jeans and my chambray shirt. I also don't mind the cold because it puts my dogs, Charlie and Gus, in a snuggly mood!

Me + Charlie

Me + Gus
The colder weather also means better hair days (since there's less humidity), and I'm enjoying that because I got 2 inches taken off of my hair yesterday! Although it doesn't sound like a lot, my hair is now the shortest it's been since high school! The dead ends definitely needed chopping off.



  1. I love those loafers. Gus and Charlie are so cute!

  2. I love this look! Especially the shoes, the pattern is so bold! Your dogs are adorable too!

    Alyssa The Runner