Carry-On Necessities

Whenever I travel by plane, I always make sure to pack certain things in my carry-on. Depending on where I'm headed, I might add a few things to my bag, but I always make sure to bring the following items:

  • A duffel bag with a change of clothes and other necessities (in case my checked baggage doesn't arrive to my destination) 
  • My Longchamp
  • Sunglasses, for when I arrive to my destination
  • My iPhone
  • A scarf or pullover jacket in case the airplane gets chilly
  • My passport (if needed)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip balm
  • My journal
  • Socks, in case my feet get cold
  • A hair tie
  • Headphones
  • A portable iPhone charger
  • My laptop
  • A cosmetic case (inside I keep: a toothbrush, my contact lenses, my glasses, face wipes, deodorant, etc...)

Shop my carry-on necessities below (I'm loving those Karen Walker sunnies):

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  1. Longchamps look like the perfect travel accessory! If only, I could choose which color I would like!
    Mikayla |