My Favorite Past Travels (Part 4/7)

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how much I loved Italy. It was #5 on my list of the top seven countries/places I've been. This week, I'm sharing my trip to Spain with y'all! It's number four on my list!

#4: Spain

Where I went
: The first time I went to Spain, I traveled to Barcelona. The second time I went to Spain, I visited Madrid, Cadiz, Cordoba, and Seville.

Who I went with: my mother, father, brother, and nephew

When we went: summer of 2012, summer or 2013

What we did: In Barcelona, we visited the Sagrada Familia and saw the 1992 Olympic stadium. We were only in Cadiz for one night, but it was so pretty! In Cordoba, we went to the mosque and walked around. We ended up getting lost and it took us two hours to find our rental car. It was a nightmare! In Seville, we explored churches, saw the Plaza de España, and shopped. Madrid was amazing probably my favorite–– we went to the Prado museum, saw the Royal Palace, and walked through Plaza Mayor.

Why it is #5 on my list: Spain was beautiful. It was such a diverse place, and every city differed tremendously from the last one. The architecture was stunning, the beaches were nice, and the streets were alive. One of my favorite memories is wandering the streets at 2:00am with my brother, because I was astounded to see how many people were still awake and outside.

Macarons in Madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid

The Royal Palace in Madrid

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

The Mosque in Cordoba

Sunflower fields in Seville

My mom in an alleyway in Seville

Plaza de España

The Supermoon of 2013 over Seville

Sunset in Cadiz
Stay tuned to read about my #3 place next week! If you've been to Spain, what did you love about it? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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  1. Everything is just so beautiful!! The sunflower fields are definitely a must-see if I ever make it to Spain!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster