My Favorite Past Travels (Part 3/7)

Last week, I wrote a post about how much I loved France. It was #6 on my list of the top seven countries/places I've been. This week, I'm sharing my trip to Italy with y'all! It's number five on my list!

#5: Italy

Where I went
: Florence and the region of Tuscany

Who I went with: my mother, father, and brother

When we went: summer of 2012

What we did: We drove to the region of Tuscany after visiting France. We stayed at an olive oil resort called Villa Campestri in Vicchio, Italy. It was so beautiful! On the third day of being in Italy, we took a short train ride into Florence. We walked around and climbed to the top of Brunelleschi's Cupola in the Duomo. It was so cool!

Why it is #5 on my list: The region of Tuscany was breathtaking. The sunsets in the evening were so picturesque and the resort was calming. Florence was nothing like I expected–– it was much older, louder, and everyone seemed to be in a rush, but I liked it.

Vicchio: My bedroom at the Villa Campestri
Tuscany: Our dinnertime view.

Florence: Looking out from the top of the cupola.

Florence: The view from the top of the cupola.

Florence: the Duomo.
Florence: at the top of the cupola with my brother, dad, and mom.

Vicchio: Villa Campestri.

Florence: in front of the Duomo with my dad and my brother. When I was going through these photos,
I was hysterically laughing at how we all used to dress. My dad is wearing cargo shorts, I'm rocking the
weird skirt, and my brother had the athletic shorts look going on.

Florence: Exploring.

Florence: Walking around the Boboli Gardens.

Stay tuned to read about my #4 place next week! If you've been to Italy, what did you love about it? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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