My Favorite Apps for Editing Photos on my iPhone // How I Edit Photos on my iPhone

I absolutely love photography, especially taking photos on my iPhone. Not only is it super convenient since I have my phone with me at practically all times, but it's super easy to edit photos in a flash. Here are my favorite photo editing/photography apps and an explanation on how I edit my photos! This is a pretty lengthy post since I included a ton of screenshots, but I hope it is helpful for those who wanted to see!

I love this app for so many reasons. Although it isn't free (it costs $0.99), it's totally worth the money. It's super easy to use and it comes with a ton of awesome filters. My personal favorites are "relic," "idaho," and "brightfire." It's also super easy to adjust saturation, fade, sharpness, etc...

This is the home screen of the Afterlight app. You can chose to either take a photo with the app and then edit it, or you can edit an existing photo that you already have in your camera roll. 

This is a photo I selected from my camera roll. This is the photo before I edited it.

This is the photo after I edited it. I applied the filter "relic" and I also edited the exposure and clarity.

Afterlight is great is because you can add the white border to photos so they don't get cropped on the Instagram app.

VSCO cam
This app is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It's free in the app store, but I'd suggest looking at some of the filters they have available for purchase. I also like this app because you can share photos to your "grid" and then others can go look at them. For example, here is my grid!

A look at the home screen of VSCO Cam.
This is the photo I chose before I edited it!
This is after... I used the filter "F2" and added fade.
This is what my grid looks like from my iPhone!

if you click on a picture you've already edited, it will tell you what filter you used. If you really like how a photo of yours looks (and you want to use the same filter on a different photo), you can look it up later instead of guessing which filter you used previously!

A Beautiful Mess
I usually use this app for its cool fonts. Whenever I want to make a quote look neat, I'll type it up on ABM. You can also use this app to make collages and to add text to existing photos! It's worth the $0.99 for sure.

The home screen for ABM. You can chose to edit a solo shot or to make a collage.

If you want to create something instead of editing a photo, you can choose a color as your background.

I created this by using the "amatic" font and the "my favorite" phrase. I also added a border.
What are some of your favorite photo editing apps? Feel free to share them in the comments below. I always love discovering new ones! 

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