My College Closet

Having an organized "closet" in a dorm room is hard. There isn't a lot of room to have a ton of clothing, so fitting all of your essentials into a the tiny wardrobe thingy they provide you with isn't the most ideal situation. If you're organized, it's much easier to maximize the space you're provided with. Here is how I hang my clothing and store odds and ends in my dorm room closet!

On the top of my wardrobe, I keep my Hunter boots and shoe boxes that are too big to fit inside. I also keep my larger tote bags flat on the top left side. On the shelf inside, I have two bins that I keep my purses, belts, and clutches inside of. I keep sandals, flats, and tennis shoes in my hanging shoe organizer. I keep the shoes that don't fit in the organizer on the bottom. The mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe were already there when I moved in. They are so handy to have!

From left to right: First, I have my vests hanging, followed by my jackets, flannels, oxford button downs, tees, dressier tops, dresses, and skirts. I recommend using slim felt hangers since they take up less space. I store my workout clothing, swimsuits, sleepwear, and big tee shirts in drawers under my bed. It's nothing too exciting, so I didn't take pictures of that!

I store my jewelry and accessories in an acrylic organizer I got from the Container Store. I love it because I can see what's inside without having to open the drawers and look through them. I keep small odds and ends inside the two blue and white boxes I got from TJ Maxx. I usually keep my glasses on top of those boxes so I know where they are when I take my contact lenses out. Sometimes, I'll forget to put my glasses there and I won't be able to see to find them!

I keep my sunglasses on top of the acrylic organizer. I store bracelets, watches, and rings in the first drawer, delicate necklaces in the second drawer, and statement necklaces in the bottom drawer.

How do you store your clothing and accessories in your dorm room? If you have any tips, feel free to share them below!

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  1. Ahh, this is so smart! My closet is a bit bigger, but I really need to reorganize it along with all of my drawers! I love how you store your jewelry, I will definitely have to look into that. I'm pinning this right now! Thanks for sharing!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  2. I love how everything is organized! It's definitely some motivation for me to clean my closet in my dorm room haha

    Stephanie x

  3. Where is your turquoise ring from?! its gorgeous

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  6. Its good to see that you have manage your stuff in such a way. I remember my university time when everything you could find out on the floor of my room. I was a bit lazy than but things are changed now.