What I'm Loving This Week

This week was a good week. In fact, it was a damn good week. College classes started back up on Monday, and I love all of my professors so far. It's hard to believe that I'm almost done with my second year of college! This school year has gone by so fast, and I honestly don't want it to end anytime soon. Enough about me though... here are some things that have made this week even more pleasant and enjoyable:

Friends on Netflix

I started Friends on Monday. I chose it because I needed something less intense to watch at night before bed (you know, something less scary than Criminal Minds). I never thought I'd be a Friends watcher, but I'm so glad I decided to get into it. It makes me actually laugh out loud. I love its silliness. Although most of the jokes that the characters tell are simple, it's still dang hilarious. Plus, Chandler is pretty cute.

My new room: Before break, I moved out of my campus apartment and into the dorms with one of my best friends here. I was hesitant at first since I didn't want to be in a dorm room, but I'm so glad I did it! I'm sleeping much better in my new room since my friend is quiet, and I'm now in the routine of going to bed every night before midnight. It took me a few days to adjust to dorm life (since I've never had to live in a dorm room before), but even the communal bathrooms don't bother me. Last semester, I was cleaning up after my other roommates, and now I don't have to do that! 

Working out: I've been wanting to get into shape for a long time now, but I've never had the motivation or the push to do it. This week, my friends dragged me to Orange Theory Fitness. OTF's classes are a challenge, but it's so much fun! After my first class, I signed up for a membership because I enjoyed it so much. I'd highly recommend looking into it if you have a location near you.

Songs I'm loving:

My favorite quote of the week:
What things made your week more enjoyable? If you'd like to share what you loved this week, feel free to do so in the comments below. I love hearing from y'all! 

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