My Backpack Essentials

Hello again! I cannot believe I've been posting as frequently as I have, but I hope I can keep it up! This is another post that was requested by one of my tumblr followers. Apparently people are curious about what I put inside of my backpack on a daily basis. I assure you I don't have anything fancy or remarkable in there, but I shall share the contents with y'all anyway.

Well, for starters, there's my backpack. It's pretty important, because without it, I wouldn't be able to do this post. It's a North Face Borealis backpack. I've had it since junior year of high school, and it still looks pretty new! I love it. Now, for what's inside... drumroll...

  • my notebooks and textbooks I need for the day
  • my Lilly Pulitzer agenda
  • a spare computer charger in case my laptop dies
  • my laptop if needed for the day
  • my pencil pouch (which is just a Kate Spade makeup bag)
  • pens and pencils
  • post it notes
  • post it tabs for marking pages so I don't have to fold down the corners
  • highlighters
  • earbuds that I store in a coin case to prevent tangling
  • EOS chapstick
  • Altoids (I'm obsessed and I go through a tin a week)
  • a water bottle
  • a collapsable umbrella since it rains in Florida a ton
  • my wallet and student ID
  • I always keep a spare pen in the outside pocket in case I forget to pack my pencil pouch
  • a KIND bar in case I get hungry in class
  • my car keys if needed
  • extra hair ties
  • flash cards (I rarely use them but have them just in case)
...and that's about all, folks. What are your backpack essentials?

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  1. I'd suggest always keeping feminine products on hand... you never know when mother nature is going to pay a visit!!!

  2. Dear Isabella,

    Im in love with your backpack! where did you find that one?

  3. Dear Isabella,

    I'm in love with your backpack! where did you find that one?

    X. Tess