I've been home since Monday, and I forgot how truly amazing it is to be surrounded by family and old friends. I forgot how much I missed my queen size bed and my father's laugh. I forgot how much I missed my brother telling dumb jokes and having my mom around to talk to. Coming home for Thanksgiving made me realize how blessed I really am. Sometimes, I get caught up in my schoolwork (and going out with friends) and I forget how lucky I am. I'm getting an excellent college education, I'm surrounded by a super supportive family, I have kick-ass friends, I have good health, and I have a roof over my head.

This week has reminded me that I need to slow down occasionally, put life on pause, and remember all of the amazing things and people that are in my life.

I'm thankful for my father because he works extremely hard every day to provide for our family. My father motivates me to to better daily–– he inspires me to do the best I possibly can.

I'm thankful for my dog, Charlie, for being by my side for the past ten years. He's the best dog I could have asked for, even if he is super camera shy.

I'm thankful for my mother because she is my rock. She keeps my grounded and she's the only reason I'm sane. She's like a sister to me, and she's most definitely my best friend.

I'm super thankful for my brother, Hank. Although we have our fair share of fights, I'm happy that we've grown so close over the past few years.

I'm greatly thankful for all of the friends I have, new and old. I'm grateful that I still keep in touch with my friends from high school and freshman year of college, and I'm grateful for the friends I've made since transferring to Rollins. I'm so incredibly blessed.

I'm also thankful for my blog readers and tumblr followers! I'm approximately 500 followers away from having 10,000 followers on tumblr which is something I never imagined would happen. Y'all are the best.

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