2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Shopping for guys is terribly difficult, at least in my opinion. It seems like my brother and father have everything in the world they could possibly need and want! You'd think it would be easier because guys are fairly simple, but this simplicity actually makes things harder. In the past, I have consulted guy friends to see what would be on their "ideal Christmas list," but this year, I did things differently. I played the "if I were a boy" game and made the list based on what I would want if I were a guy. I thought about all of the things that I loved and then found different versions of them that I could definitely see my brother or dad loving.

For example, I borrowed my roommate's Patagonia rolling duffel a few months ago and fell in love with it. I think the red version is super cool, and even the most clueless guy would have trouble losing such bright colored luggage. I am all for wallet phone cases, and I love the version above. It's something I would probably even buy for myself! Another cool item is the water-resistant Bose speaker. I have been wanting a good speaker for so long, and I am sure I will cave soon enough and get one. This one would be amazing for tailgates or long days at the beach when it warms back up.


Update: I went back and asked two of my guy friends to send me 10 products that they would ideally love to receive for Christmas. I thought this would help you all see a wide range of ideas–– both friends have different styles, so hopefully you guys will get more ideas from this. Here are John and Alex's lists!



And I'm Home

I had been counting down the days until I got to come home for Thanksgiving, and I'm so glad I am finally in Savannah. It's nice to have a relaxing couple of days away from New York City because it's the perfect opportunity to recharge and refresh. My parents also just moved out of my childhood home into a new home, so it's also been nice to get a complete change of scenery but at the same time, it's been kind of weird. I had the same bedroom my whole life and now my walls are a different color, but I keep reminding myself that change is good.

Speaking of change, can we talk about how good J. Crew's new arrivals are? I hadn't purchased anything from J. Crew in over a year, but their new sweaters and turtleneck tees are amazing and comfortable and appropriately priced. I picked up this turtleneck sweater in both gray and black and they were 40% off. The sale is still going on through November 26, so I definitely suggest that you check it out!

Lastly, a ton of you have been asking about these jeans. You guys, they are like 5 years old and they are from J Brand and I cannot find a similar pair anywhere. They have ripped even more over the years, and I really wish I could find them because I would love to replace them with a fresh pair. #helpme but really if anyone can find them in this wash I will love you forever.


2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Fitness Fanatic

Can you guys tell that I'm excited that the holidays are approaching? Usually, I delay putting together gift guides until the last minute, so I'm proud that this is the second one I've gotten up in the past week. I decided to make this one fitness oriented because I've been doing a lot of working out lately, and a lot of you guys have been interested in my workouts. Fitness themed gifts are fun and honestly perfect for anyone because athleisure is currently a huge trend, even if you aren't super dedicated to spin classes and marathon running.

When putting this list together, I chose some things I already own–– the Patagonia jacket has been my lifesaver the past few weeks and I totally recommend it! Others are on my wishlist (looking at you, Apple watch that I've been chickening out of buying because I love my current watch so much). Also, how sporty chic is that MZ Wallace tote? It seems like every single girl in Manhattan has one. I have not pulled the trigger on one yet because I usually come home from work and change before heading to the gym, but if I switch my routine as it gets colder out, I might have to cave and get one!


I'm a Terrible Blogger

Ever since the rebrand of my blog, I have been feeling extremely inspired to create fresh content, but at the same time, I've had a hard time translating the inspiration I am feeling into actual posts. I think this stems from the fact that I have a lot less free time these days. I'll admit, I have turned into a workaholic lately with my new job, going into the office on days I have off and working well before and after the hours I am actually expected to be there. On weekends, I no longer want to dress up and go take outfit photos for my blog. I just want to hang with my friends like a normal person and just live.